5 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

If you are an IT student then choosing a programming language to begin your programming journey is one of the most bewildering parts. Apart from IT students, this is also the toughest part for someone willing to be a software developer. There are many programming languages each with certain good and certain bad aspects. However, you need to opt for any one of the programming languages that reflects your interest and your aims. Besides, you should also make sure that the language you are choosing is quite in-demand. Here, we will discuss the best and the most in-demand programming languages in the current scenario.


If you are in the technical field or if you are a tech enthusiast, then this name is certainly not new for you. JavaScript is one of the best and in-demand languages of 2021. JavaScript has maintained its popularity and insistence for a long time. Just as we know the importance of HTML and CSS, JavaScript also holds the same importance when it comes to frontend development. We predominantly use JavaScript as a frontend language. However, we can also use it on the server-side with assistance from Node.js. Node.js can run in Linux, macOS, Windows, and so on.

Swift Programming Language

The growing popularity of Apple products has a direct consequence in increasing the importance of Swift programmer. The highly optimized language is quite new and is used to develop iOS. Furthermore, iOS acts as the base for watch Operating Systems and tv Operating System (Apple TV). Besides, iOS applications are the most profit-making applications in the cellphone market hub.

Python Programming Language

Just like JavaScript, Python has also sustained its popularity. Python has several applications. Thus, it is one of the most powerful and flexible programming languages. Similarly, learning and understanding this language is extensively facile. Many backend frameworks are written in this programming language. For an instance, the famous Django framework is written in Python. This language is exceedingly user-friendly.

C Sharp (C#)

C Sharp is a common-purpose programming language. It follows the concept of objects and class and is therefore known as an object-oriented programming language. It is akin to other C descendants. C Sharp is an optimum choice for you if you are looking forward to being a Microsoft app developer. In addition, you should consider this programming language if you want to be a VR developer. Other than that, you will also need C Sharp for 3-dimension and 2-dimension video games development.


Ruby is an open-source programming language that is immensely simple and versatile. It is a scripting language that is primarily used for website development. Similar to Python, it also acts as a base for web application frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Prominent websites like Twitter, GitHub, Basecamp, and SlideShare used Ruby to build their sites. The language is user-friendly and is quite easy to learn and understand. The high reputation and painless syntax of this language have made it one of the best languages to start your coding journey with.

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