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Programming Language to Learn: 5 Reasons Why Java Is Still Worth Learning

With the change in time, trend changes. And with it, the credibility of programming language changes too. There are countless programming languages. Indeed, there are more than 700 of them. But only a few of them are considered to be useful and java is one of them. Java Programming Language is one of the popular computer languages. With decades of use, it is still worth it to learn Java and use it. It’s over to you to choose a programming language. But, it’s always good to evaluate languages and learn them. There are many reasons for choosing Java and here are some of them.

5 Reasons Why I Recommend Java Programming Language

Java is easy to learn

It has never been easy to learn a programming language. There are a large number of resources available for learning Java. Java is an imperative language alongside it’s objective-oriented too. It is easier for both beginners and experienced developers too. There are many tutorials available online. Besides, there are online forums where you can ask questions.

Widely used

The popularity of a programming language is known by its use. When it comes to Java there are many cooperate software built on it. The TIOBE index shows Java still ranks in the top 3 popular languages. Also, Java is very often listed course in universities. There are many Android applications developed using Java.

Strong community

The Java programming language is an open-source language. There are a large number of people using Java, providing solutions, and creating libraries. The strong community is a great asset for learners. Having a strong community makes it easier for finding solutions to a problem that you are facing. There’s a high chance of someone already encountering the same problem and found a solution. Also, you will have a wide choice of code libraries that you can use. Strong community also means access to excellent tools for free such as, IDEs, dependency manager, or servers.

Java Programming Language is Open source and free

there has been confusion about Java being free or paid. In 2018, Oracle announced that the JDK would be charged for professional use in production. This announcement created confusion but the fact is Oracle distributes two builds of JDK. One is Oracle JDK and another Oracle OpenJDK. Oracle JDK is a free development and testing environment but you have to pay to use it in production. It comes with long-term support from Oracle. On the other hand, Oracle OpenJDK is free for any environment. Java has been always free and is still free. You can learn, execute your codes and programs for free. Also, being an open-source platform there are other free long-term JDK created by others too.

Java is evolving fast

When you learn a programming language you should be aware of its upgrades and long-term service. Java provides its service free of cost and there are no extra charges for upgrades. Meanwhile, Java is evolving very fast. There are constant upgrades and updates by Java for its users. The new lifecycle guarantees a major new version of Java every 6 months.  Also, there has been a recent release of Java 14 with new features and enhancements.


In conclusion, whether it’s your first programming language or not Java will be a significant skill for you. Learning Java will be effective for you as many developers and companies prefer Java over other programming languages. There are many advantages of Java as it is a versatile language. It is extremely powerful which gives you higher performance and scalability.

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