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Apple macOS BigSur: Why should you upgrade to it?

Apple announced it’s new Macs on November 10, along with that apple made an announcement for the public release of new macOS BigSur the same day. The new macOS BigSur is released on November 12 with all mac optimized changes. Many people are hoping to see a big change in the way they interact with their macs. People are excited for BigSur as it is made from the ground up work keeping the new M1 Chip-based macs. There are many changes that a mac user can see in BigSur. Some of them are the ones that every Mac user wanted for a long time. Similarly, there are huge benefits for users upgrading to BigSur in terms of speed, performance, and reliability.

MacOs BigSur

Source: Apple

Design Change

Users can experience a wide range of design changes from the new macOS Big

Sur. After the release of macOS Catalina in 2019 people were expecting to see some design changes in upcoming versions. BigSur comes with a complete redesign user interface. Up until now, the corner of any window in macOS has been square with subtle curves. But now in Big Sur, they have been noticeably rounded. With the new design, many people are speculating MacOS to be linked with IOS and Ipad. But, Apple denied the fact and said “MacOS isn’t going anywhere.” Eventually, it is presumed that people are going to like the new design in macOS BigSur.

 The new control center

Among the new design change control center is one of the prime change in the new macOS BigSur. Apple users are aware of the control center as they are present in iPhones and iPad long before but it’s a new thing for the mac. The Control center is built into the menu bar on the top-right corner, next to the time and date. From there, users can access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, Do Not Disturb, Keyboard Illumination, Brightness, and Sound with relative ease.

More Engaging, Expressive Experience in messages

Apple devices are well known for their interactive and impressive designs. This time apple made a change in their message app as well. The message app links the message from your iPhone to your mac so that you can easily interact with your macs. The new design change in the message makes it more engaging and expressive. Users are allowed to pin conversations to the top of their Messages list for fast access. Also, the search has been completely redesigned to help users quickly find links, photos, and matching terms. In the same way, the mac also seamlessly sync across iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.


There have been numerous charges against companies around the world for violating the data privacy of their users. But, Apple is among the most trusted brands for managing the customer’s privacy. For apple, privacy has been the core of their mac users experience and BigSur lives up to it and extends in it. In fact, The new macOS BigSur is leading in privacy to bring transparency and give users more control over their data.

In conclusion, the wait is finally over for mac users as they all can upgrade it from their app store and system updates. There are other numerous changes in BigSur that users are going to like. There’s a long list of devices that you can tack the Mac Mini, MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and other older devices as well.


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