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Apple Silicon M1 Chip: A New Era For Macs.

Apple made an announcement early this year regarding Apple Silicon. Apple is adopting its own Apple Silicon chip for their macs and announced its first macs with its Silicon chip. The new silicon chip is called the M1 chip. This chip being used in the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 inch, and mac mini. The new M1 chip is based on the same fundamental designs as of the A14 Bionic chip found in iPhone 12. But, it’s scaled up to laptop grade performance with more core, memory, and thermal limits. M1 combines numerous powerful technologies into a single chip with unified memory architecture. 

Key Aspects of M1

A complete system on one chip

Previously, macs used several separate chips for CPY/GPU, I/O, RAM, and other functions but this is not the case now. With the new M1, all those chips are combined into one single system on one chip. On one hand, it less of expandable memory and other upgrades. On the other hand, the system logic board gets smaller and makes it effective and reliable. It makes it possible to complete task consuming less battery uses

Advanced eight-core CPU and GPU

Apple has brought significant changes in its CPU and GPU. Previously, a single-chip system adopted by A14 had a six-core CPU. But now, the M1 expands that with an eight-core CPU which provides high performance. According to Apple, MacBook Air with the M1 chip is faster than 98 percent of all PC laptops. Also, mac features eight powerful cores GPU capable of running nearly 25,000 threads simultaneously. The GPU can handle demanding tasks from smooth multiple 4k playback to rendering 3D scenes.

Power efficiency

With an increase in performance, there is always a question regarding its battery uses. The company claims M1 delivers the same peak CPU performance using a quarter of other PCs. When it comes to graphics, the same peak performance is said to be achieved with one-third of powers. With all these claims made by Apple, it shows that new Macs with M1 are power efficient.

On-device Machine Learning

The new M1 chip beings the Apple Neural Engine to its Macs. Apple’s most advanced 16 core architecture is said to be capable of conducting 11 trillion operations per second. The Neural Engine in M1 enables new Macs to perform up to 15x faster machine learning performance. The entire chip is designed to accelerate the CPU and GPU to conduct tasks with high-level performance like never before.


There are other aspects of new Macs with M1 chips that you can know from Apple’s official newsroom.  The M1 chip is packed with an enormous amount of features. In conclusion, Apple took a gigantic step on using their own chip which seems to be a good outcome for end users. Also, the release of Big Sur, it is believed to be a massive boost for all Macs. The transition period is considered to take a couple of years but Apple silicon is supposed to be the Next Big Thing.

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