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Branding and Brand – You Could be Getting it Wrong

Although the word brand and branding look akin, their comprehensive meanings will certainly get our wires crossed. The addition of the “i-n-g” suffix is not simply changing the noun into a verb; it is indeed pointing a completely new word.

What is a Brand?

The contemporary answer to this question will either be a “logo” or a “name”, but it is much more than that. We don’t think that even the best results from Google can extensively answer this question. A brand is a World in itself. A “Brand” is predominantly a name that represents your company. It hastens through every bits and piece of your business.

For a moment, think about the luxury retail company, Louis Vuitton. Are the color propositions and logo the only two things that crossed your mind? We don’t think so. When we hear or talk about such words, we connect them with their ministration and their products; we remember everything we know about it. 

A brand solely represents the success of your company. Why do you think millions of people pre-book the latest versions of the iPhone every year? It is because Apple has established itself as a brand that brings your expectations to reality. Apple does not taunt the slogan of “Think Different” desultorily but it distinctly justifies it with its peculiar inventions. This is exactly what a brand is.

What are the roles of Slogan & Logo in a Brand?

Logos and Slogans are one of the essential elements of a successful company. They represent the positioning and recognition of your brand. However, you must be very careful and picky when it comes to choosing a logo or a slogan. An anomaly logo and a snappy slogan are vital elements of brand naming. A catchy slogan helps your brand attain good recognition in the market.

Likewise, the tone of the slogan will also represent the targeted audience of your brand.  It gives you a peculiar identity. For a moment, the slogan, “Just Do It” jogs everyone’s memory with Nike. So, a unique logo and a captivating slogan can make your product advisable in the market.

What is Branding?

A branding in short is the plans and policies that influence the way the public discerns your brand. Branding can also be understood as an advertisement for your brand. Regularly posting on your company’s social media or uploading the present-day blogs on your website can be considered as examples of branding. Branding plays a key role to grow the identity of your company and to make it recognizable in the market. Without proper branding, it is impossible to drive people into thinking about what our brands want them to think. 

Why is Branding Essential?

As mentioned earlier, branding is one of the most crucial elements to generate brand awareness. Besides, it helps in the proper establishment of your business and allows you to increase the business value. It makes your company better organized and well-recognized. There are several other sectors where branding plays a prominent role.

Captivating New Customers

A sturdy branding signals a positive perception of the company among the public. This will certainly lure a good number of the public to do business with you. Other than that, word of mouth also plays a prominent role to flourish business and is regarded as one of the most effective advertising techniques. 

Belief Inside the Market

A well planned and ordered branding helps to establish trust between the company and its clients and customers. A superiorly branded company establishes an impression of being pundits. Also, people are more likely to work with a company that has a better professional attitude. 

Better Employee Contentment

An employee feels more honored and satisfied when he/she works for a strongly branded company. Working for a well-renowned brand gives you better gratification and pride. The contentment of employees will be a favorable element for the growth of a business. 

Over to you

Do you think people often mix it up? How can we help define the process more precisely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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