Comprehensive Overview of Apache Web Server

What is Apache Web Server?

Apache is the web server that operates the invocations and provides web assets and subjects through Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It is a free and open-source web server that supplies content via the Internet. Apache brings up the concept of software that utilizes an open development process. Open source is source code that is freely accessible for alterations and redistributions. On the other hand, it also holds a license to include source code. Thus, it is a base for open source applications. Now, before we understand the brief of Apache, let us understand the web application.

Web Application Architecture

To provide web content, we need several elements. Out of these many elements, one of the elements is Apache. Similarly, other customary web applications demand LAMP, Linux, PHP, and so on. Linux is an operating system that takes care of the operations of the application. Furthermore, it is considered to be one of the best versions of the UNIX operating system and is also open-source code.

MySQL on the other hand is a database that keeps all your information. It stores all the information in a format that is quite facile to inquire. Likewise, PHP is a commercial, customary-purpose scripting language. PHP along with the web server assists in creating dynamic web content.

Why Apache Web Server is Better than Other Servers?

As mentioned earlier, Apache is an open-source web server. This simply means that the actual source code is voluntarily available. This is one of many reasons why this web server is streets ahead of other servers. Similarly, it is capable of handling big amount of traffic with minimum arrangements. Besides, you can also configure this web server as per your desire. This certainly makes it much more efficient and flexible.

It also allows you to add many modules like SSL, PHP, and Load Balancing Arrangements. The web server can be extended to Linux, macOS, and Windows. Additionally, the procedure to configure this web server in all the operating systems is extensively familiar.

Features of the Web Server

  • Takes care of static files
  • It can load several dynamic units
  • Facilitates the feature of auto-indexing
  • Can exist together with IPv6
  • Incorporates HTTP/2
  • Load Stabilizing
  • URL rewriting
  • Tracing Sessions
  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Geolocation set up on Internet Protocol (IP) address


Apache has attained a good height of popularity for few decades. Besides, it has also maintained its importance in the field of information technology. In a time where the options of web servers are rapidly increasing, Apache is still the number one choice for many. Therefore, if you aspire to be a developer, it is a must-learn technology.

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