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Django – A Web Framework for Specialists

What is Django?

Django is a high-level, open-source framework that is completely based on Python. It is freely available and is primarily a server-side framework. It makes the entire procedure of web development painless and unchallenging. Here, we have enlisted some of the luring benefits of using Django:

  • It works with the “batteries included” principle. In simple words, it significantly makes the work of the developer quite facile. It gives everything that a developer wants. Likewise, it follows a specific design and principles and incorporates up-to-minute documentation. This assists to enhance the smooth working of the framework.
  • It also reduces the issue of duplication extensively. This is possible because of the DRY principle that the framework follows. The “Don’t Repeat Yourself” principle reduces the number of codes. Thus, lessening the unessential duplication.
  • Django extensively protects the website and restricts you from making customary security blunders. Likewise, it also safeguards the website from vulnerabilities.
  • The architecture of this framework works independently. This makes the process of scaling, a child’s play. Big sites like Instagram and Disqus were strongly able to scale Django.
  • Django is excessively versatile. You can use this framework to develop any kind of website. Besides, it can provide content in many different formats like RSS, XML, HTML, and many more.
  • Similarly, this framework is written in Python language. Python runs on many platforms. This certainly gives you the flexibility to run your application on different systems. Moreover, many web hosting providers also support this framework.

How Admirable is Django?

We don’t have any specific tool to measure the definite popularity of frameworks. However, we can have a rough idea about it by looking into the number of GitHub projects. And it says that Django is highly applauded by the developers. Many reputed websites like Knight Foundation, Mozilla, National Geographic, and Pinterest use this framework. Likewise, the number of developers working in its codebase is multitudinous. So, yes, Django is an admirable and popular framework.

Is It a Dogmatic Web Framework?

Any framework that has the “right way” opinion to monitor any distinct task is called an opinionated framework. This type of framework usually supports the swift development in a specific domain. But resolving a problem outside the main domain might be troublesome. This gives you a lesser number of options in components and approaches.

On the other hand, unopinionated frameworks have minimal limitations. It can combine different components and give a better outcome. They reduce the hassle of developers.

Django delivers the best of both types. A certain set of components solely carries out web development works. Besides, the architecture of this framework allows you to select a particular option from many different options.

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Sushant Singh Basnet

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