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Every You Need to Know About Laravel

It is an open-source web framework for PHP web developers. The open-source nature of Laravel enables the developers to modify and share codes. It is publicly accessible and is available free of cost. It is predominantly created to assist the web application development set up on Model View Controller (MVC). Laravel is one of the most in-demand frameworks among PHP developers. Here, you will get a variety of features and functionalities. These tools not only enhance your work but makes your work gripping.

Why is Laravel Considered to be a Superior Framework?

Laravel has several benefits in contrast to other frameworks. We have listed some of the enticing advantages of using this framework below:

  • The fourth version of this framework requires a lot of packages to operate and function substantially. To manage this, the composer comes into play. It acts as a dependency manager. This framework is quite easy for someone new in web development. Sounds weird, right? But Yes, what you just heard is true. This is mainly because beginners don’t need to download exclusive zip files and recollect URLs.
  • The Artisan enables the expansion of the framework. Likewise, it also allows you to utilize the command lines and run several tasks.
  • The entire process of synchronization of the database is quite facile in Laravel. Until you keep your work in migration and seed, it will be available in all the development machines.
  • Similarly, the RESTful route is another tempting aspect of this framework. It provides the mapping from HTTP verbs instead of URLs. This prominently improves your CRUD action controls.

Features of Laravel Framework

Being a sturdy and efficient framework, it incorporates many luring features. We have listed some of its best features down below:

1. Built-in Template:

The framework includes tons of built-in layouts. We can use these alluring layouts with dynamic content seeding. Moreover, several widgets contain CSS and JavaScript codes. We can create all types of designs from these layouts whether it be simple or complex.

2. Reliability:

It flaunts robust web application security. Likewise, it uses hashing and salting password mechanism for better security purpose. On the other hand, to encode the password, it uses Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm. It also prevents you from SQL injection attacks.

3. Libraries and Modular:

Laravel by default has object-oriented modular libraries. This is something not common in most of the other frameworks. Likewise, the framework itself is separated into sole modules.

4. Testing:

This framework notably facilitates unit testing. To disregard the unanticipated web application interruption, it runs multiple unit tests. Also, the writing of unit tests is like child’s play for developers.

Future of this Framework

We know that Laravel is the best framework for PHP web developers. Now, let us know about the popularity of PHP. A few years back, PHP was the best bet for all web developers. However, after the arrival of Python and Ruby, it began to decelerate. The utilization of MVC was the primary reason for its downfall. But it is still an optimum framework for entrepreneurs. Additionally, there are a lot of improvements seen in the recent versions. We strongly believe that the future of Laravel is bright.

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