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How Digital Marketing Helps You Expand Your Business Reach?


In a layman term, digital marketing is simply digitalizing the marketing works. In other words, we can also define it as employing digital media and devices (such as mobile phones, internet, TV, etc.) to promote products and services.  

Intro & History of Digital Marketing  

Marketing has always been a core requirement of the business. The shifting of the world towards the digital platform promoted the concepts of digital marketing. And to make things better, it played a prominent role in the same. The term itselft became significant in the early 90s when the internet started gaining popularity and applications such as Customer Relation Marketing (CRM) became a significant factor in marketing. 

Prospects of Digital Marketing 

The advancement of software and user-friendly androids and iOS further helped in the development of digital marketing. Furthermore, the fondness of humans for social media has encouraged marketing strategy to shift towards it. To meet such demands, experts deploy strategy such as marketing automation in software. Simply, this is the process in which software tracks the details of consumers (such as sites visited, pages searched). Thus, expands the business by displaying related content on recommendations. Social media have eased this process a lot. 

Further Expansion 

The incorporateion of several sub techniques and non-linear marketing technique in digital marketing is a case in point. These techniques simply help to reach the consumers indirectly unlike traditional methods (radio, prints, TV). Its predominant strategy is to reach customers through multiple online channels. In order to function, consumer knowledge is stored and optimized to depict meaningful information regarding their prospective choice.  

Consequently, it can be regarded as better efficient than the traditional way of advertising to a larger population utilizing a larger resource. Likewise, there are certain tactics for non-linear marketing approach such as search engine optimization (SEO- way to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic through algorithms which function on actual keywords used while searching, what people search for, and so on), social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, blogging, website marketing, paid search/contextual marketing.  

Statistics have given a positive prospect on digital marketing as 50% of consumers researched products on social media (source- Global Web Index, 2018). This has been a very effective method as the expense to advertise is minimal too. YouTube and videos available on social sites have their significance too.  

How Digital Marketing brings Branding into Play? 

Branding is a very unique technique that the digital marketing employs to improve business. It has its core principle to develop a strong connection with consumers. For an instance, building a strong familiarity with the general public with a brand. Besides branding can influence consumers’ decision-making, risk evaluation while choosing a product. Consequently, improves the overall business. Digital marketing uses more than one channel (SEO, SEM, etc.) to employ branding.  

Summing up, digital marketing has already placed deep roots in business. No doubt, it has several advantages such as reaching a wider audience in limited time, less cost of operation, more effective audio-visual marketing, and many more. However, challenges such as too much dependency on technology, issues related to security and privacy, competition at a global stage, and increasing competition in the virtual world cannot be neglected. 

Anyway, looking into the current scenario, business cannot be seen in the absence of digital marketing in today’s world. 

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Sushant Singh Basnet

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