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JavaScript vs Python – Which is Better?

Going along with the stats, we find that almost 25% of the developers prefer Python. On the other hand, JavaScript stands just below python with 19% of the developers preferring this language. Both of these languages are swiftly growing. Besides they are two of the fastest-growing programming languages.

Talking about JavaScript, it is a language that assists you by explicitly maintaining the application processes. This is the sole reason why it is also known as a scripting language. Having said that, many non-browser also utilize it such as Adobe Acrobat, Apache, and so on. The language was first developed as a frontend language to deliver dynamic features that were not available in HTML and CSS. It is the optimum choice for network-centric applications.

Now, Python on the other hand is a customary, high-level programming language. It is a well-organized language that is quite facile to learn and understand. Likewise, the object-oriented nature of this language is very inducing. It enables the developers to create applications and websites utilizing the virtual building blocks. These virtual building blocks are commonly known as objects.

JavaScript or Python? Which is Better?

In short, no one has a certain answer to this question. Both languages have certain benefits and some scantiness. But it is important to identify the strength and weaknesses of any language. Here we have discussed some of the crucial factors that you should acknowledge before deciding.


The initial thing that we should keep in mind before hopping into any language is to know how easy it is. You need to focus on learning a language that is comparatively user-friendly and has a smaller learning time. On this note, Python stands streets ahead of JavaScript. Python is one of the best languages to start your coding life with. it is predominantly a good language for beginners. The plain sailing variables and functions make it even better. While JavaScript has quite complicated class definitions. The winner is Python when we talk about trouble-free nature.


The ability to hold a large number of users with the least utilization of the server decides if the language is scalable or not. The famous Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on a JavaScript environment. Similarly, it also supports asynchronous programming while Python does not. Python lacks certain crucial tools that restrict it from achieving scalability. Thus, many popular applications use Python.


Both the languages are mostly used for Enterprise Resource Planning and website development. However, developers mostly use Python for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. If you are planning to go into the field of finance then you should better consider Python language. Python is primarily a backend language. On contrary to this, JavaScript has the benefit of being both a frontend and backend language.

How to Learn these Programming Languages?

Both of these languages are rapidly growing at this moment. Besides, it is not mandatory to have a formal computer degree or years of experience. You can find dozens of free and premium sources on the Internet. Likewise, you can also find a lot of offline courses. We should also not disregard the instructive YouTube tutorials that you can freely access.

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