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Category: Software Development

programming language on a screen

Debugging 101: Tips and Tricks for Finding and Fixing Bugs

The world of coding has evolved in the past decade. Nowadays, coding isn’t just about writing code but also about debugging. Debugging is an essential part of the development process, and the ability to find and fix bugs quickly can make…

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Product Security vs. Application Security: What’s the Difference?

Ensuring cybersecurity is one of the most important tasks a business can undertake. Developers are continuously being challenged to develop applications that are secure from both internal and external threats.  There are many ways that developers can approach security when working…

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man people night dark

Why Web3 and Software Development Go Hand in Hand

Software development and Web3 are two sides of the same coin, which play an essential role in creating successful digital products. Software development provides the technical skills necessary to build applications while Web3 allows users to interact with them. By combining…

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What Makes Python So Great for Startups?

Startups have to race against the clock to be first to market and establish themselves as key players in burgeoning industries. Python is one of the best programming languages to use when starting a new business, thanks to its speed and…

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Protect User Data In Your Mobile App

How To Protect User Data In Your Mobile App

App security is neither a feature nor a benefit that you add to your mobile app. If you’re a mobile app development company, you must protect user data – end of the story. There are no ifs and buts to it,…

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Full Stack Developer vs. Front End Developer vs. Back End Developer

Web development is one of the most in-demand and top-paid jobs in today’s world. From creating an interactive website to executing high-performing web-based applications, everything involves a web developers. If you desire to be a web developer, then you are sure…

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data engineers vs machine learning engineers

Data Engineers vs Machine Learning Engineers: Who Should You Hire For Your Online Business

In this age of rapid technological advancement, more and more businesses are growing and expanding online over the past decade. When everything’s online, that just means scores and scores of data. And with the amount your online business is and will…

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All You Need to Know About the Blockchain Technology

Although, Blockchain is quite a vast topic that puts you in perplexity, the core concept of this topic is very simple. However, since Blockchain directly relates to the database, let us briefly understand the database first. A database is an organized…

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coding vs programming

Coding Vs Programming – What Makes Them Different?

Many people believe that the only difference in coding and programming is the letters. However, things are not that easy. In this article, we will provide you certain information that will break the bubble and help you grasp the difference between…

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Cloud Migration – What Are the Major Reasons to Migrate to Cloud?

Cloud Migration is the procedure of transferring data, programs, and other elements to a cloud computing environment. There are different types of cloud migration that a company can perform. Besides, we can also transfer data and applications from one cloud platform…

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