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Why You Should Learn Kotlin Programming Language?

Google supports Kotlin since 2017 which reflects the importance of this growing programming language, Kotlin. But most of us are unaware of this futuristic language. However, we know that many application developers admire this language but why do they admire it?

Kotlin is a fraction of Google’s work to make Android applications finer. Finer in a way that these elements assist in making applications swifter, easier, and more efficient. Kotlin might only be a part of the developer’s toolkit for now but it plays a vital role in making applications better.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a cross-platform, general-purpose development language. However, it is quite different than other customary languages. It is not a programming language in itself, but it incorporates a peculiar way to write codes and uses Java to operate. Now, you probably have heard about Java. It is a general-purpose language that is used to develop mobile and desktop applications. You can use Java to make games, utility software, and many more. Besides, most of the android applications are written in this language.

What Makes it a Preferable Programming Language?

  • The interface of this language is quite belligerent. It can easily identify the type of data that a function is using. The direct benefit of this is that developers don’t have to declare variables. Thus, saving a lot of time. However, they might have to declare the type of expressions in some exceptional cases.
  • Similarly, developers can define static objects. Besides, this can be done without using an unessential class. Both the function and the object can be defined in the same place. This makes the entire process of debugging very facile.
  • Another enticing fact of Kotlin is that it is one of the easiest programming languages. The syntax is not ridiculously complex. While if we look into the syntax of Java then it is complicated in many ways. A simple scantiness of a semicolon or a brace can lead to an error during execution. On the other hand, Kotlin flaunts the best of best ideas that make coding simpler and efficient.

All these points answer our question of why developers love Kotlin? – The syntax is like a child’s play and also the debugging is very easy. Likewise, it is also time-efficient and is very methodical.

Is Kotlin on the Verge of Replacing Java?

In short, No. We should not forget that Java is simultaneously growing and getting better with Kotlin. The newer versions of Android and Android Studio makes Java even better. Besides, developers regard Kotlin as the lite version of Java. To install Kotlin in your device, you should mandatorily have Java. It generally acts as a supporting tool. But we never know, the evolution of language can change the entire scenario in near future.

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