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Suite of Technologies, Tools, & Services specifically for the Automotive Industry

We have developed a suite of technologies, tools and services specifically for the automotive industry. These tools and services mentioned below can be used by themselves or by integrating it in client’s own systems and applications on tool by tool basis.

AutoSpec365 - Automotive Inspection Tool

AutoSpec365 is a cloud based easy to use inspection tool for automotive service centres and garages. It comes in both a desktop and a web app in order to make it as easy as possible for service and inspection personal to use along the full inspection process. The AutoSpec365 quickly builds an inspection report which is easy to send to customers and other relevant parties.

AutoFleet365 – Fleet Maintenance Tool

AutoFleet365 is a dashboard to managing and maintaining a car fleet and to carry out routine inspection and servicing of fleet of vehicles. The tool is instrumental for fleet management operations to schedule and perform comprehensive inspection and preventive maintenance servicing of its fleet of vehicles, track historic data and stats. The tool consists of a custom-built driver app for drivers to directly schedule inspections and a backend dashboard to manage all vehicle inspections and ensure seamless flow of data and communication between the driver, fleet management operator and service centres.

AutoRec365 – Automotive Recognition Tool

AutoRec365 is a tool which automatic recognises the vehicles based on a photo of the car and feeds back make, model, colour, and year. The tool also recognises the numberplate and identify country of origin. The tool is for example very useful for automotive portals who want to streamline the listing process by auto filling lots of information about the car or to verify correct information of the car and photos.

AutoVIN365 – Automotive VIN Identification Tool

Recognition of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) reveal many things about automobiles, including their airbag type, car country of origin, engine size, model year, vehicle type, trim level, and plant name and more. The VIN number can be used in many perspectives to enrich data. AutoVIN365 is integrated to many different external databases creating intelligence in the tool. AutoVIN365 also uses the VIN number to find the right spare part to the vehicle. AutoVIN365 mobile app enable users to easily scan and automatically pick up the VIN number with a simple photo of your VIN number on the car or from a technical inspection certificates on vehicle registration documents, and on inspection reports.

AutoVal365 – Automotive Valuation Tool

AutoVal365 offers an indicative valuation of the vehicle based on large amounts of data. We are partnering with a handful external data sources of automotive pricing data which fuels the AutoVal365 tool. The valuation tool feedback different values to show the car value by sales channel, vehicle condition, kilometres and reflective of the geographic region.

AutoDoc365 – Automotive Document Verification Tool

AutoDoc365 provide a simple verification of car ownership documents, drivers licence and other key documentation for the automotive industry. AutoDoc365 offers fraud prevention, KYC compliance, and offer identity and age verification – while also increasing data quality and conversion. AutoDoc365 continued ambition to provide a fast and easy document verification process means automation is a cornerstone of our verification engine.

AutoLead365 – Automotive Leads Management System

AutoLead365 is a Lead Management System (LMS) for the automotive industry. Control your leads with our lead management system and understanding where your leads are coming from and what happens to them when they reach your dealership is critical to maximising sales opportunities. AutoLead365 Lead Management System is a powerful and flexible lead management solution designed specifically for motor dealerships. The tool captures lead from multiple online advertising sources and much more.

AutoParts365 – Automotive Spare Parts CRM & Portal

AutoParts365 is a comprehensive and cutting-edge spare parts CRM and marketplace portals system. The spare part tech stack offers an independent, one-stop shop, all-encompassing marketplace solution for a spare parts ecosystem offering the widest array of quality products across all categories, complemented by a seamless, price-competitive, hassle-free customer journey, while bring together all value-chain members under a unified umbrella. AutoParts365 is an eCommerce web application / site where products and services can be traded, commercialized, transacted, and sold by multiple buyers and multiple sellers online.

AutoBox365 – Automotive Dealership Management System [DMS]

AutoBox365 DMS is a powerful online system for managing dealerships, small or big, via both desktop, tablet and mobile to transform your business and increase revenue. AutoBox365 DMS gives you full control over inventory, customers, leads, documents, transactions and even marketing. AutoBox365 DMS is specifically developed for automotive dealerships including Cars, Motorcycles, Heavy Machinery, Boats, Farm Equipment, Caravans. Our clients run and grow their business 365 / 24/7 with AutoBox365 Dealership Management System.

All our tools are easily white labeled to specific needs in regards to language, currency, logo and colours etc. All tools also offer API integration. Autobox365 experts can also develop proprietary software and tools on demand and to customers specification.

  • Automotive Distributor Networks
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Automotive Manufacturers & Brands
  • Automotive Portal Players
  • Automotive Spare Part Players
  • Automotive Product & Services Companies

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Design your white labelled marketplace. Leverage our existing technology, features, APIs, 3rd party tools and templates straight into “your” marketplace. Subscribe to our Marketplace-as-a-Service and ‘pay as you go’. Let us take care of maintenance meaning no hassle, no responsibility and lower cost for you.

We are able to maintain the cost of our development service within our clients’ budgets and expectations thanks to our carefully chosen tech stack and efficient and effective development process.

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