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Outsourcing to Grow: Why Businesses Need to Look to Outside Professionals

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With more Australian businesses being forced to switch to a remote work setup in the past two years, many organizations are realizing that they don’t need numerous in-office employees to thrive. Instead, consultant Frances Quinn highlighted that Australian businesses are inevitably adopting business process outsourcing (BPO), where a company’s operations are handled by third-party providers. If your company is struggling to fill places or can’t afford to hire top talent full-time, now is the time to implement a BPO setup. To illustrate, here’s why your business needs to hire outside professionals for your growth:

Greater access to top talent

In today’s new business landscape hiring top talent has become a challenge for companies of all sizes as in-demand employees are in a much stronger position to dictate the terms of their employment. With flexibility now becoming a key foundation of the modern workforce, many highly qualified individuals are switching to a freelance setup that gives them greater control of their work life.

This is a big advantage for companies looking to bring in top talent on a part-time basis, especially if you are looking for a technical position like a website developer. In our article on ‘How to Choose the Right Developers for Your Business’ we detailed that you can easily find top freelance developers online. By conducting proper research, you can outsource a developer that has the expertise to build and maintain your company’s website.

This is also true for resource-heavy departments like marketing that smaller companies like startups can’t afford. Ayima explains that digital marketing is difficult for startups because they have limited development resources. However, outsourcing allows you to work with SEO strategists and writers who can conduct a full examination of your site and produce expertly written content that is targeted at your audience to improve your search engine ranking. This allows you to generate more traffic to your website, therefore increasing audience awareness of your startup’s brand.

Increased business savings

Outsourcing may sound expensive, considering that it can boost your business’ growth and connect you with top talents. In fact, Broker News reported that Sydney-based brokers are able to produce cost savings for loan processing services, with Brokers’ BackOffice director Anshu Lukka revealing that outsourced talents charge only 65-70% of the talent fees of onshore employees. On top of that, brokers can cut costs since they won’t need to handle training due to staff turnovers or use up more office space.

Given that you won’t need physical offices, it will not be necessary to spend so much on hardware and software infrastructure for your business. You will also cut costs on training and recruitment, while still getting the same quality for the work output.

Faster delivery of services

In spite of the cost savings, outsourcing can help businesses grow by providing fast and quality services. In fact, even the Department of Health is signing a three-year contract with Datacom, since the outsourcing company uses AI and automation to speed up the migration of production workloads, streamline the release of applications, and deliver better functionality for department employees. Due to their efficiency, Datacom was even able to dethrone IBM which had been conducting the federal agency’s services for fifteen years.

Similarly, your startup can produce faster work without sacrificing quality through outsourcing services. This allows you to foster a better relationship with your clients, while greatly reducing the overhead costs of your business.

Small businesses now have a greater chance to thrive, since they can access talented professionals at a lower cost. Recognizing the benefits of outsourcing, you can only expect that more businesses will continue to work with third-party providers.

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